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SANCHIN Vol.1 by Ushiro Kenji

What do you practice Kata for ?

This is the Kata which really helps you not only developing your techniques but also growing as a himan being. Isn't it exactly why you practice Budo !?

[DVD]colorー85min./¥6,300 /English audio only/


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Unchaging Truth,the Origin of Kata

Demonstration and Explanation of Sanchin Kata

Demonstration and Explanation of Basic Aplication

Validation of Kata and Ki

Applied application sparing; From Basic to Free Sparing

Conclusion;The purpose of Sanchin Kata

Kenji Ushiro books and DVD

Sansetsukon 20cm、250g) white oak


SAI (hand made) weight 1.2Kg(1 pr.)、length 45cm、

price 90,000.,yen size made by your order

Tenugui Japanese towel

850yen each

Tanren-bo weight3.5Kg、length60cm、


Furisen weight650g、lengh60cm、


Mekuginuki tamahagane hand made) weight15g、length7cm、



Fan shape iron stick(hand made) 



Japanese lacquer 15,000yen、 Cashew lacquer 14,000yen

Taka-Geta size S、M、L

price S,M 8,500yen、L9,000yen

standard size M

typical Family crest of Japan 


Dragonfly Pattern Case cotton canvas green, wine-red,dark blue
1.Bokken case 3,255yen
2.3 Shinai case 4,568yen
3.Kendo Bogu case  23,100yen
4.4.2shaku jo case  1,890yen
5.6shaku、5shaku Bo case 2,205yen

Knive(with leather case) 
type A 50,000yen
type B 39,900yen
type C 40,000yen
 Samurai pouch imitation suede Balck only

   size28×21cm 1200yen

   embroided "Samurai" letter   

 Samurai Canvas bag 

size W56×W52cm bottom33×33cm 2000yen

   embroided "Samurai" letter  

 Katana kake(Sword stand) 16000yen each

gold lacquer work,pine tree,chrysanthemum,bamboo

 Shuriken  price525yen per each size diameter about 8.5cm

upper Triangle、middle from right square、cross、hexagon、lower octagon、(made in Japan)

"Rin"T-shirts color white/grey Size L XL XXL price3990yen
OSU! Canvas bag

price 1500yen size about 35×40cm

Kashima shintouryu Tsubatsuki Bokken

Price7500yen weight about 750g

Hex-head Dirk(Negishi-ryu)

price6500yen(1piece) length about14cm ,weight about 60g

Square -head Dirk 

price1750yen(1 piece) length about 15.5cm, weight about 40g

Fukuro-shinai 1m long about550g  cotton sack *4500yen

*minimum order from 10

An oval suburi Bokken white oak 6500yen

An oval suburi Bokken white oak()6000yen

Octagon Suburi Bokken red oak 60cm 700g 4500yen

Octagon Suburi Bokken red oakk 80cm 1kg 6000yen

Octagon Suburi Bokken red oak 115cm 1.4kg 11,000yen

4(four) shaku wooden sword 121cm long white oaks 7500 yen,grip 1-shaku(30cm) about 800g in weight bottoms are common made 1m Bokken
A kote strong lightly which pursued robustness and lightness with dyeing deep blue quilting cloth of double weaving.
As a result of having used double quilting cloth, as a result of having omitted deerskin for tear prevention, an extremely simple Kote was completed.
Kote made in Japan.
The surface does not have skin || sweat is easy to goddamn dry, and maintenance is easy.
For exercises and this is good enough for matches.
Selling price 20000 yen.
Small size, a large-scale shell way can support together.
In addition, there is a little it and can finish "Anko".