Introduction of Swordsmith (Katanakaji/b)

master Yukimitsu Takano   master Yoshimitsu Ohno  


1952 born Ibaragi-ken participate in a meeting for the study of Tokyo after high school student two years and enter a world of a sword. work with Yoshito Yoshihara,Shouji Yoshihara brothers by a part-time job in the school holiday time. quit Shibaura industry University metal engineering department in three years in 1973 and joined the Self-Defense Force Army. become a pupil in 1986 by Yoshimitsu Ohno becomes famous for clear horticultural kind of Japan cedar skin (Ayasugi-hada)



born 1948 at Niigata prf. 1969 Introduction to Yoshihara Shoji,1972 graduated from Nihon University veterinary medicine department.1975 Received the first exhibition encouragement prize at a new made sword exhibition.Established of "Ohno Yoshimitsu Katana workshop" in Niigata.

Carrier after commencement of sword

Actual instructional swordmaking,Tokyo workshop

Stuff Katanakaji



Kozuka-koubou Guardian and Advisor.

Yukimitsu,he is only one Yoshimitsu student
  become a putetunoarupil in 1986 by Yoshimitsu Ono hScenery with ironhby Heibonsha jyuukachoji zuroku
  1992 swordmaker "Yukimitsu" born   Book & DVD 18,000Yen
ayasugi jyukachoji
Ayasugi by Yukimitsu

Jyukachoji (Double Flower)@by Ohno Yoshimitsu

Ohno Yoshimitsu Sword for sale