Kozuka koubou

easily explain a making "Kozuka"process below, but really work while receiving guidance to a swordsmith by processes from (5) turns of a figure to (10) quenching


make small steel quenching as Kozuka material

"Nakago"thin . Length about 2sun 3bu.

Sharpen a point and make "Kitussaki"
length 3 sun approximately 5 Bu
Fire polishing adds to the side of blade thinly. heat to red then slowly cool down. Lenght 3sun 8bu 5rin, 4bu 2rin wide , former stack 8rin, length 3sun 8bu 5rin

*Dimensions are approximate aims
Make arrangements with a swordsmith before beginning the work with tea
make a line with "a file" and "Sen". A ridge rounds off to ornamental crossbeams on the roof and does blade make thinly as possible.
(6) lie down while including a curve by burning condition ( follow a downward angle)
put up "Yasuri-mea" with file and finish it

"File" work
draft same as " carveing a signature " sword properly and decide arrangement of letters style of handwriting.

It is not easy work, but can have a swordsmith help and advice


drow a brade crest with soil and dry

it is almost finished if we come to here then we wait for drying

finally climactic "quenching". red and confirm the burnt time in the pitch-black room and put it in water from a ridge quickly.

Surprise, moment of an impression

"polish" it after this and advance to production of "Shiro-saya" and carry a finished product by store or home delivery about 2,3months later.
A work does delivery of goods by home delivery. (the postage actual expenses)
(the postage actual expenses)

An application, an inquired email