The Swordmaking Process
you can see all this processes in Kozukakobou DVD
2.Crushing the tamahagane(Japanese steel)
3.After the wafers of tamahagane are stacked onto the tekogane,they are heated and beaten togather. 4.A cut is made across the steel,making it ready for folding. 5.Preparing the kawagane(skin steel)
1.Cutting the charcoal
6.Wrapping the kawahagane around the core steel(shingane).This is called Kobuse.
7.Heating and hammering,fusing the Kobuse togather.
8.Once all the joins are secure,the Kobuse is heated and hammered out into the shape of blade. 9. Separating the blade from the tekogane using a cutting tool. 10. Once it is separated,it is hammered out to the chosen length.
11.This is called a sunobe.At this point the blade is almost finished.It only needs to be hammered into shape. 12.The blade is heated again and the shinogi(ridgeline),is formed by hammering. 15. The finished blade
13.The blade is filed into its final shape and clay is applied,readying the blade for the hardening process called Yaki-ire.
14. Yaki-ire-quenching the blade.
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