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How we started parent and child classes:



About 10 years ago, I got a phone call from a father for a consultation. His sisters managed to complete the course, but now his son wants to do it. However, his son was 9 years old. The tools are heavy and difficult to work with and the work tablesf height is made for adults. It would be physically difficult for children under 10 years old. However, after consistent requests, the decision to at least try, was now an option. We prepared a small hammer, a table lower to the ground and so on. The father and his son attended a class and wefre blown away by the experience. They worked very hard together on the day, and in the car on the way home, his son was ecstatic over what he had done with his father, even though it was physically tiring. Ozawa Shigenori who was in charge at that time, still talks about this experience nostalgically. "It was hard work, but I am glad I did it! We have found, when a parent and a child collaborate to make a sword, a connection and strong bond is formed. This experience with a loved one becomes tangible. This item will remain a product of memories connected to the next generation.