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Budo-tsushin Kiseru smoke special
'KATANA' Japanese Sword
by editor Hideo Sugiyama

This article is written by Sugiyama Hideo taken from when he wrote as ghost writer Takayama Takeshi. (Nihonto Kowa-Budo Tsushin magazine). It is a basic text that was intended for beginners to easily understand. On this occasion, with the translation and support of Japanese sword researcher Paul Martin from England and Budoshop owner Yoshiki Kakuta, this homepage will also be printed in English and Japanese. If it promotes the virtues of the Japanese sword to international audiences, I will be very happy. Following chapter one, I intend to publish in English and Japanese at the start of every month.
A Self-Portrait of the Japanese 1)The Origins of the Japanese People
2)Charcoal and Forging-the Birth of a Katana 3)Purification by Fire and Water
4)Sword Polishing techniques Unique to Japan 5)The Change in the Shape of the Japanese sword
5-1)The Change in the Shape of the Japanese sword 6)The Ancient Japanese Infused All Creation in the Hamon