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My theme is through the Budo way. It will strengthen you spiritually, mentallyand physically.
We handle equipment for martial arts such as: Karatedo, Kendo, Iaido, Aikido,Judo, Jodo and Naginata etc.We also supply@ Katana,Wakizashi,tanto and Kozuka.
Martial arts related books, magazines, Videos and DVDs etc.
Mail order is also available.

Katana - A Self-Portrait of the Japanese(English)
Traditional Oshigata(English)
Shinbudo Karate Takumi Higashidani
Kyokushin VideoTapeEDVD
Martial arts Video Tape/DVD library
real sword for Iaido (Shinken)
newYou can participate and experience traditional martial arts 1)Tameshigiri 2) Tate
Tsukamaki (Sword grip wraping)
Ono Yoshimitsu World of Jukachoji Book
Kyumeikan Dojo
Karate/martial arts old books
Martial arts group,Dojo studio link page
Nippon Karate-Do Suzuki Dojo in New York
Hikoryu Taijyutsu
Saburouemon Special made Japanese chopstics
Karate antique Book Fedelation(Japanese)
HIART Stepanova Nadezhda
Aiki DVD Book Magazine
Budoshop New production page
Budoshop representative of Sojinsha
index (table of contents according to an author)

Datoryu Aikijyujyutsu by Okamoto Segou
Ichigeki hitsutou
Shinsetsu Mas Oyama
Mugairyu Iai by Shiokawa
Gokui by Royama
Martial arts technics Books / the video series is now on sale and moves to a page when click a cover
We supply a catalogue of our officially recognised products from the Japanese@and World Kyoukushin Associations. These products include tournamentmemorabilia and photographs, T-shirts, clocks, pendants, posters, calendars
and cedar tameshiwari boards. We also accept custom orders. mail to: info@budoshop.co.jp

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