Hand-make your very own Japaense sword in a one-day swordsmith class with a true Japanese sword maker and master

Japanese Sword-making Class

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Hand-make your very own Japaense sword in a one-day swordsmith class with a true Japanese sword maker and master

What is Kozuka Koubou?

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Kozuka Koubou Introduction .

In this one-day workshop, you will hand-make a small version of a genuine Japanese sword.

1. Your instructor is a certified Japanese Swordsmith, accredited by the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs. You will use a traditional technique to make the sword. The steel in Japan comes from iron-sand processed in a special way, called the tatara system. A tatara is a Japanese furnace used for smelting iron and steel.
You will then sharpened by hand until the shape of the blade is satisfactory.

2. You can choose from 2 types of skins/patterns for the blade. Mokume, which depicts a cross grain wood or Aya-sugi, which depicts a kind of Japanese cedar wood. (Aya-sugi is an extra 10,000yen)

3. A traditional Japanese sword is fixed with a blade crest. The blade crest, together, with your chosen skin/pattern for the blade, will make your creation into a traditionally constructed Japanese sword.

4. Nearing the end of the class, your work must be polished and placed into a plain-wood scabbard. It will be ready and in-hand after roughly 3 months.

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Please be aware that the “kozuka” is not a tool, but a traditional Japanese, hand-made sword which depicts traditional techniques of a genuine Japanese sword from History. The “Kozuka” will need care and attention and a lot of looking after.

If you would like to take advantage of this rare opportunity, we will be happy to prepare for your joining in our class.

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Swordmaking is a traditional industrial art of historical Japan. Because of this, it is very difficult to find and participate in and usually very expensive.
Kozuka Kobou studio is a happy environment, where we can construct traditional, genuine Japanese swords.

The class is roughly 7 hours. We will begin in the morning and work through until noon where we’ll break and have lunch and soft drink. This will be a time to relax and refresh yourself, as the class can be strenuous. A change of clothes, a towel and gloves are recommended.

The class is in a sword-making studio, which means you will be getting your hands very dirty with iron powder, soot and charcoal. And, as it’s quite a physical task, you will work up a sweat. Saying this, please dress in comfortable clothes that can afford to get dirty. With the addition of dirt, dust and sweat, it makes the process that much more exciting and satisfying after you have completed your very own sword.
○ Total cost of the class: 68,000 yen. This includes all material costs, professional and traditional swordsmith training, blade polish and wood scabbard (Shipping cost not included)
○ Swordmaking Studio Location: Tokyo Nishiarai, Adachi-ku near by Nishi-Araidaishi temple
         Participation outside of Tokyo, in nearby prefectures, is possible within travel distance of the same-day return.

Participation outside of Tokyo, in nearby prefectures, is possible within travel distance of the same-day return.

*An option to be guided by car form the Budo shop to the studio is available

Japanese swordmaking is not an easy task. It takes practice and skill, and then only years to perfect. For most of you this will be the first time making a Japanese sword, so it will be awkward at times. However, the swordsmith master will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and being available for you to ask for help when needed.
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Participation qualifications must be adhered to

Male or female participants must be 20 years or older. We require written consent from a parent or guardian for children between the ages of 16 to 19. Children under 16 years of age may take part if accompanied by a parent or guardian. For further information please contact us.

○ Application and Payment Process

Overseas applications are available through e-mail: info@budoshop.co.jp

1) Please provide us with your desired dates. 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference, please. We will try to accommodate your request as much as possible.

2) Please provide the following information; Name, address, mobile phone number with international dialling code if necessary, e-mail address, occupation and date of birth: dd/mm/yy (necessary for insurance purposes).

3) Payment can be made by major credit card companies or PayPal.

4) Payment of 60,000 yen (standard plan) must be deposited in advance – To be settled 20 days prior to class event date.

Failure to attend the class, without prior communication, will result in a percentage of the total fee to be non-refundable. If you wish to reschedule to a different date, this is possible with advance communication beforehand.

Class schedule 2023-24 No set schedule. But, usually held twice a month on date requested.
○Cancellation Policy


Cancellation rates apply: 30% of total payment from 10 – 7 days prior to the class, 50% from 6 – 3 days prior, 80% from 2 – 1 day prior, and the day of, 100% of total payment.